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Tipsheet: Achieving Cross-System Collaboration to Support Young People in the Transition Years: A Tip Sheet for Service Providers (PDF)

Tipsheet: Advice to Young Adults from Young Adults: Helpful Hints for Policy Change in the Mental Health System (PDF)

Tipsheet: Helping Young Adults from Foster Care Succeed in College (PDF)

Tipsheet: AMP's Top Ten Tips for Engaging with Young People (PDF)

Tipsheet (Spanish version): ¿Qué Quieres Ser Cuando Crezcas? [What Do You Want to Be when You Grow Up?] (PDF)

Tipsheet (Spanish version): Cosas Que la Gente Nunca Me Dijo [Things People Never Told Me] (PDF)

Focal Point

The Research and Training Center produces a research review, Focal Point, which is published annually and mailed free of charge to 19,000 readers.

Summer 2016 Focal Point cover
Current issue:
"Early Psychosis Intervention"
(2016), v. 30

Download the latest issue of Focal Point, our annual research review. This year's issue explores early psychosis intervention services, which may prevent much of the trauma and disability associated with psychosis.

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Previous issues available online:


Summer 2015 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2015:

Trauma-Informed Care
Summer 2014 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2014:

Co-Occurring Disorders
Summer 2013 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2013:

Education & Employment
Summer 2012 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2012:

Healthy Body — Healthy Mind
Summer 2011 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2011:

Healthy Relationships
Summer 2010 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2010:

Transitions to Adulthood
Summer 2009 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2009:

Youth Empowerment and Participation in Mental Health Care
mini Winter 09 Focal Point cover

Winter, 2009:

mini Summer 08 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2008:

Caregiver—Child: Mutual Influences on Mental Health
mini winter 2008 focal point cover

Winter, 2008:

mini summer 2007 focal point cover

Summer, 2007:

Effective Interventions for Underserved Populations
mini winter 2007 focal point cover

Winter, 2007:

Traumatic Stress/Child Welfare
mini summer 2006 focal point cover

Summer, 2006:

mini winter 2006 focal point cover

Winter, 2006:

Strengthening Social Support
mini summer 2005 focal point cover

Summer, 2005:

Resilience and Recovery
mini cover of summer 2004 focal point

Summer, 2004:

Partnering with Families
mini fall 2003 focal point cover

Fall, 2003:

Quality and Fidelity in Wraparound
mini summer 2003 focal point cover

Summer, 2003:

Cultural Competence, Strengths, and Outcomes
mini fall 2002 focal point cover

Fall, 2002:

Assessing and Addressing Cultural Competence
mini spring 2002 focal point cover

Spring, 2002:

Building on Strengths in Community Settings
mini focal point fall 2001 cover

Fall, 2001:

The Enrichment Issue
mini spring 2001 focal point cover

Spring, 2001:

Transitions for Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
mini fall 2000 focal point cover

Fall, 2000:

Roles for Youth in Systems of Care

Click here to download Focal Points prior to 2000.