Agency / Staff Training

Pathways has developed a "family" of agency staff trainings for interventions that effectively increase service providers' ability to work with transition-age youth and young adults experiencing (or at risk for) mental health challenges in adulthood. The foundation of our trainings is the Pathways to Positive Futures practice framework, which illustrates effective practice in terms of a set of common factors or principles (that describe how providers work with young people), and a set of common elements or intervention activities that providers use to support positive development for youth and young adults (that describe what providers do when working with young people).

Each of these trainings and interventions has been tested using rigorous methods, and has been shown to increase providers' skills and to improve young people's outcomes in areas such as service engagement and satisfaction, therapeutic alliance, self-determination, community participation and transition to post-secondary education and training:

We have new models coming soon, and can adapt trainings to fit your needs and context.