Learning Tools

Each of these tools is intended to provide an engaging, thought provoking experience that can be easily integrated into trainings, staff meetings or other professional development activities. The tools can also be used by individuals seeking an engaging learning experience. Each tool is accompanied by a study guide that provides background context, describes specific discussion points, and poses questions for further reflection.

Strengths Conversations

This module depicts a provider guiding a young adult through a conversation about strengths. Youth and young adults who are participating in mental health services are often asked about their strengths, and they report that this can be an awkward and uncomfortable conversation to have. However, when done correctly, a strengths conversation can be a positive and engaging experience, as well as a good opportunity for a provider to find out what a young person finds motivating, enjoyable and worthwhile. The module provides examples of successful ways to talk with young people about their strengths, as well as examples of some not-so-successful ways.

Improvables: Parts I and II

These videos each capture conversations between a young adult and a support provider. The first video features a discussion of a recent team meeting, while the second video presents interactions between a young person and a provider during the meeting planning process. The video prompts viewers to pause and think about how the provider's responses might promote or hinder the young person's engagement. Analysis of each provider response is given, along with an explanation of what the provider is doing well, or how the provider could improve.

AMP E-Module: Youth-Driven Conversation – Avoiding Some Common Mistakes

This interactive module will enhance learners' skills with effective interviewing techniques by helping them examine conversational patterns, relationship-building, framing, and methods to enhance self-determination.

AMP E-Module: Questions in Person-Centered and Youth-Driven Conversation

Users of this interactive module will enhance their skills in identifying specific types of questions used in one-on-one conversations.