Focal Point: Youth, Young Adults, and Mental Health

The Research and Training Center for Pathways to Positive Futures annually publishes the research review Focal Point, which is mailed free of charge to 17,000+ readers and viewed online by thousands more.

Each issue of Focal Point explores a topic related to youth and young adult mental health and the transition to adulthood. Contributing authors offer perspectives and research from a variety of fields, including social work, psychology, sociology, juvenile justice, child welfare, public health, public policy, and neuroscience.

Summer 2019 Focal Point cover

Current issue: "Evaluation of Innovative Transition Programs" , v.33

This issue of Focal Point explores the findings from the local evaluations conducted by Healthy Transitions grantees over the past 5 years as well as present evaluation findings from two other innovative programs for transition-aged youth and young adults. Taken together, the articles in this issue supply service providers and planners across the nation with an indication of the successful outcomes generated by a variety of program approaches.

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