Focal Point Fall 2003

Fall 2003 Focal Point cover

"Quality and Fidelity in Wraparound" (2003), v.17(2)

The authors of the articles in this issue of Focal Point represent a spectrum of Wraparound's stakeholder groups—family members, service providers, trainers, and researchers. From their different perspectives, they discuss the issues of quality and fidelity. What is striking is the extent to which these perspectives converge in their descriptions of successful practice and implementation. This Focal Point issue is evidence that substantial progress is being made in bringing a clearer focus to the Wraparound vision.

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  • Introduction: Quality and Fidelity in Wraparound

    Walker, J. S. & Bruns, E.

    Introduction to the need for, and difficulties associated with, assuring quality and fidelity in Wraparound.

  • History of the Wraparound Process

    VanDenBerg, J., Bruns, E., & Burchard, J.

    Provides a history of the evolution of Wraparound and an overview of the challenges to successful implementation.

  • Assessing the Necessary Agency and System Support

    Koroloff, N., Schutte, K., & Walker, J. S.

    Discusses the supports that organizations and systems of care must provide to ensure high quality in ISP/ Wraparound teams and programs.

  • Practices to Promote Effective Teamwork in ISP/Wraparound

    Walker, J. S., & Schutte, K.

    Describes a model of effectiveness for ISP/ Wraparound teams, and discusses specific techniques and practices that are consistent with high quality teamwork.

  • Our Wraparound Team: Successes and Suggestions

    Rea, T.

    A parent discusses how Wraparound impacted her family, and points out how her experience could have been made even more successful.

  • Cody's Experience of Wraparound

    Schutte, K.

    An interview focusing on Cody's experience with Wraparound.

  • Staying the Course with Wraparound Practice: Tips for Managers and Implementers

    Meyers, M. J., & Miles, P.

    Describes several of the most persistent and difficult challenges to sustaining a high quality Wraparound program, and provides suggestions for addressing these difficulties.

  • Ensuring Fidelity to the Wraparound Process

    Rast, J., & Bruns, E.

    Discusses the rationale for, and approaches to, measuring fidelity in Wraparound, focusing on the Wraparound Fidelity Index. Also describes how a coaching approach can positively impact fidelity.

  • National Wraparound Initiative

    Bruns, E., & Walker, J. S.

    Describes a national, collaborative effort to define the parameters of high quality Wraparound practice and to develop tools to support quality in Wraparound teams and programs.

  • Assessing the Fidelity of Wraparound: The Wraparound Observation Form – Second Version

    Nordness, P. D., & Epstein, M. H.

    Describes a tool for assessing the quality of Wraparound practice during team meetings.

  • Tapestry: A Wraparound Program for Families of Color Facilitated by Parent Partners

    Becker, J., & Kennedy, M.

    Describes a successful Wraparound program that uses parents as team facilitators and that maximizes connections to its community.

  • Wearing Two Hats

    van Wormer, R. & Schutte, K.

    A parent describes her experiences serving as a facilitator on Wraparound teams.