Achieve My Plan (AMP) (2009-2014)

Project Staff

Janet Walker: Co-Principal Investigator.

Laurie Powers: Co-Principal Investigator.

Celeste Seibel: Project Coordinator.

Jared Best: Graduate Research Assistant.

Celina Ataras: Research Assistant.

Heather Rowlett: AMP Coach.


Achieve My Plan (AMP): A Randomized Field-Test of Youth Engagement in Mental Health Treatment Planning 

For young people aged 11.5-18 with serious mental health conditions, a comprehensive, team-based approach is increasingly seen as the preferred mechanism for creating and monitoring treatment plans. Unfortunately, the young people themselves rarely participate meaningfully in these kinds of interdisciplinary planning teams. As a result, they can become disengaged from the planning process and unmotivated to participate in the planned treatment.

The Achieve My Plan! (AMP) study tested a promising intervention that was developed by researchers at Portland State University, in collaboration with young people who have mental health conditions, service providers and caregivers. The study systematically evaluated the impact of the AMP intervention on youth participation and engagement in treatment planning, youth empowerment, and youth mental health and recovery outcomes.

The AMP enhancement is being implemented in states and agencies around the nation. For more information, please contact Janet Walker,

Publications and Products

Increasing Youths' Participation in Team-Based Treatment Planning: The Achieve My Plan Enhancement for Wraparound

This article describes a randomized study testing the Achieve My Plan (AMP) enhancement for Wraparound, which is intended to increase young people's satisfaction, active engagement and self-determined participation in Wraparound, as well as their alliance with the team.

Publications and Products

"During Meetings I Can't Stand it When..." A Guide for Facilitators and Team Members

This tip sheet for meeting facilitators helps meeting facilitators and team members address common issues that occur during team meetings and promote meaningful youth participation.

Tips for Your Team Meetings: A Guide for Youth

This tip sheet for youth offers suggestions and strategies to help young people to become more involved in their team meetings.

The Youth Self-Efficacy / Empowerment Scale: Mental Health (YES-MH) and Youth Participation in Planning Scale (YPP)

These measures were first introduced in English in 2007 by the RTC on Family Support and Children's Mental Health (now Pathways RTC). Introductions to the Spanish and English versions are available online, and administration and scoring information can be obtained at no charge with permission.

Video - Youth Participation in Planning: Why it Matters

In their own words and with stories from their own lives, youth describe what it feels like not to have any say in the plans that are made for their treatment, care, education and future. These young people, all of whom have been the focus of numerous multi-system plans, also describe the rare occasions when they were encouraged to participate meaningfully in the planning process, and how those experiences left them feeling hopeful and motivated. Caregivers and providers contribute their perspectives as well, speaking about how positive experiences with youth participation in planning helped them overcome their prior fears and skepticism about including youth voice in the planning process. This video was conceived and created by AMP project advisors—youth, caregivers, and providers—in collaboration with RTC staff. A closed-caption version is available at the link below this embedded video.

Involving Youth in Planning for Their Education, Treatment, and Services: Research Tells Us We Should Be Doing Better

This publication summarizes available research indicating that involving youth meaningfully and successfully in planning for their own future is possible and provides benefits for youth and their families.

Best Practices for Increasing Meaningful Youth Participation in Collaborative Team Planning

This guide shares some information about how to create plans with youth, so that youth will see the plans as a means to help them move towards important life goals.

Is Your Organization Supporting Meaningful Youth Participation in Collaborative Team Planning? A Self-Assessment Quiz

This quiz can help you identify your organization's strengths regarding youth participation, as well as areas in which you can do more.


Services and Supports for Emerging Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions: Enhancing Wraparound Using the Achieve My Plan Intervention

Presented at the "Listen Up: The Importance of Youth Voice in Treatment Planning" Meeting in Marlborough, MA, June 16, 2014.