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The Research and Training Center makes its products accessible to diverse audiences. If you need a publication or product in an alternative format, please contact the Publications Coordinator at or 503-725-4175.


This search engine connects to a database containing all publications produced by the Research and Training Center for Pathways to Positive Futures (2009 - Current) and the Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children's Mental Health.

By default, most publications not pertaining to transition-age youth and young adults are excluded. If you would like to search ALL publications, uncheck the "Limit your results to transition-related research" check box.

To find a publication by title, keyword (or subject), or author, type any combination of these categories into the first text box (labeled "*Title, Keyword(s), Author(s)"). This step is required.

You may limit the number of results returned by clicking "Advanced Search Options" and specifying author(s) not yet listed in the main text search box, a date range, and/or publication type.

To see publications launched in the last 6th months, click "Check out the most recent publications from Pathways!"

NOTE: If you have trouble viewing a PDF, try opening it in another browser.


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Limit your results to transition-related research
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Check out the most recent publications from Pathways!