Mentee-Nominated Mentoring (MNM)


MNM = Mentee-Nominated Mentoring

The intervention development study, Mentee-Nominated Mentoring (MNM), will adapt and enhance a promising mentoring approach – "youth-initiated mentoring" – for young people aged 17-24 with serious mental health conditions (SMHC) who are living in residential treatment settings after stepping down from more acute psychiatric care.

Youth-initiated mentoring (YIM) is a state-of-the-art intervention in which the best practices of formal youth mentoring programs are used to support and strengthen the natural mentoring relationships that youth have with supportive adults from their social networks (Schwartz, Rhodes, Spencer, & Grossman, 2013). In such programs, a young person nominates a non-parental adult, such as teacher, coach, or relative, who serves as a supportive role model. After screening and training the nominee, the program formalizes the mentoring relationship with expectations and guidelines and provides ongoing monitoring and support for relationship development. This study will test the feasibility of this innovative mentoring intervention to specifically increase self-determination and community participation while these young people are in residential treatment to support community living and participation outcomes in the long-term.