EASA Connections


EASA Connections brings together young adults who have been part of Oregon's early psychosis initiative to develop a peer-delivered series of web-based decision support tools for new individuals entering into early psychosis services. The web-based modules will include videos and messaging featuring the perspectives of individuals who have experienced psychosis. The modules will be tested through a randomized study to determine whether they can impact engagement in treatment, social connectedness and self determination.


Webinar Recording: Introduction to Psychosis-Risk Syndrome

Posted 03-22-17

This webinar, produced by Barbara Walsh, PhD provided an overview and introduction to the Psychosis-Risk Syndrome and implications for the field. This webinar was hosted by Portland State University, a core partner in the TA Network, and was part of a series of events being planned over the coming year focused on Psychosis-Risk Syndrome.

EASA Connections Investigator Meets with Executive Director of Orygen

Posted 12-07-16

Tamara Sale and Pat McGorry

Tamara Sale recently met with Patrick McGorry, Professor of Youth Mental Health and Executive Director of Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Australia. Prof. McGorry recently wrote an article for Focal Point 2016: Early Psychosis Interventions.

Publications and Products

Program Directory of Early Psychosis Intervention Programs

This directory from the EASA Center for Excellence is a collection of information about early intervention programs for psychosis within the U.S. It aims to help people find resources in their communities and to facilitate a communicated network among these programs.

Development and Testing of the First-Episode Psychosis Services Fidelity Scale

This article from Psychiatric Services examined a study that tested the reliability and validity of the First-Episode Psychosis Services Fidelity Scale (FEPS-FS) and compared it with similar scales.

2015 Edition of Early Psychosis Intervention Projects National Directory

The EASA Center for Excellence and the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Healthcare published the second edition of the National Directory in January 2015. It contains updated contact and basic program information for 70 early psychosis intervention projects in 18 states.


Early Intervention in Psychosis: Youth Perspective, Research Efforts, and State Findings

Presented at the Children's Mental Health Research and Policy Conference, Tampa, FL, March 2016.

Journeys Through and Beyond Psychosis: Our Experience in Oregon

Presented at the Children's Mental Health Research and Policy Conference, Tampa, FL, March 2016.