Foster Youth Resources on Portland State University Campus

Portland State University Campus Champions Directory

Campus Champions are faculty/staff members who have volunteered to offer an extra layer of support to students with experience in foster care. People on this list can help to answer any questions students have and make referrals to other resources or departments. For questions about Campus Champions or to be added to this list, please contact Rebecca A. Miller, Lead Foster Student Liaison/Campus Champion with the FUTURES project, at 503-725-6195 or

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Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Jess Goodwin

Jess Goodwin  |  Systems Analyst / Manager

503-725-5343  |

How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

Mentoring and Advice, Navigating Resources at PSU

Personal Interests

Motorcycling, Music Performance, Auto/Moto Mechanics, Fly Fishing, Information Technology

Heather Spalding

Heather Spalding  |  Sustainability Leadership and Outreach Coordinator

503-725-5598  |

Finance and Administration

No photo available

Sarah Kenney  |  Executive Administrative Coordinator, Planning, Construction and Real Estate

503-725-5401  |

Financial Aid


Student Life

Michelle Toppe

Michele Toppe  |  Dean of Student Life

503-724-4422  |

Academic Departments


No photo available

Brodie Franklin  |  Business Process

503-725-9221  |


Lynell Spencer  |  Career and Academic Advisor

503-725-9204  |

How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

I can help with planning classes around other responsibilities, and helping talk to faculty when needed. There is space in my office to come have a snack, study, or chill out between classes. I am pretty good at finding resources on campus if students aren't sure where to go. Also, I have gotten pretty good at FAFSA and forms and petitions that PSU requires, so I am always happy to meet and talk about those things as well.

I know that you've got this! I always tell students that I am here to help. But I am also here if you don't need help, but you do need a space on campus, or someone to listen while you think out loud. Oh, and snacks. I usually have snacks.

Personal Interests

I like playing volleyball and softball – I also enjoy reading and listening to music... and singing loudly and off key to that music.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

No photo available

Carol Gabrielli  |  Interim Director of Student Success

503-725-5902  |

How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

I have worked at PSU for 17 years. In every role that I have had during that time, I have worked diligently to support students. It is important to me that students have access to what they need/desire so that they can thrive and flourish as learners. Wondering where to go with questions/conundrums? Come visit!

You matter! Your experience here at PSU matters to me, too! If you have questions or are wondering where you can go to bounce ideas around or untangle a snag, you are always welcome at my office (Cramer Hall 341). If it's lunch time, bring your lunch and we'll eat together.

Personal Interests

In 1984, as a first-year student at Gettysburg College, I attended my first live concert (The Go-Go's at the York County Fair, York, Pennsylvania). I've been mesmerized by live music ever since! If the concert is outdoors, even better!

Community Health, Urban and Public Affairs

No photo available

Yves Labissiere  |  Associate Professor

503-725-8078  |

Engineering/Computer Science

Karen Kennedy

Karen Kennedy  |  Advisor – Engineering

503-725-8991  |

Cristina Restad

Cristina Restad  |  Advisor – Engineering

503-725-5030  |

Students can call me...


How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

Let's chat. Always happy to talk, or to help students find out the best person to talk to and find support/resources. Talking with students is probably my favorite thing in the whole world. I'm not formal at all and I'm always happy to chat. I was really intimidated by college as a student – if anyone ever wants to talk just about that, I'm here.

Foster care experience

I spent a few years living next door to a foster home and had lots of friends in foster care as a kid. I've lived in houses with foster kids for various reasons. I grew up low income in Portland and dealt with a lot of instability during childhood.

Personal Interests

My job is my passion. Helping students navigate college is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when they "don't know what they don't know," the way I didn't as a student. Otherwise, I'm Portland born and raised and I love this town. I like all sorts of things, let's chat!

Barbara Sabath

Barbara Sabath  |  Advisor – Computer Science

503-725-4220  |

Students can call me...


How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

I can provide assistance in helping students navigate PSU's system and connect them with resources as well as offer personal support. I was a first gen student so much of higher ed was totally new to me when I began school. I offer empathy and the ability to listen. I really value helping students reach their potential and seeing them grow.

Personal Interests

I like to walk and hike and enjoy nature. I also enjoy reading and gardening and have memberships at the Lan Su Garden and the Japanese Gardens. I'm a fan of and 60's music as well.

Linda Wasson

Linda Wasson  |  Advisor – Engineering

503-725-8398  |

Students can call me...


How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

I can use my academic advising expertise to help students navigate academic requirements at PSU. I also have good knowledge about resources and services available across campus for things like tutoring, counseling support, and student engagement activities, so can make referrals when needed.

I'm a first generation college student. I know navigating college can be a challenge, but am eager to help students be successful at PSU.

Foster care experience

I have two nieces with lived experience in foster care. That experience impacted their lives greatly.

Personal Interests

I love to travel, explore new places and cultures, and spend time outdoors. I'm a native Oregonian but have spent more than a decade living outside the United States in places as diverse as Brazil, Taiwan, and France. I am committed to the mission of higher education to improve lives and love working at PSU and supporting students in their paths toward earning a degree.


No photo available

Kathi Berens  |  Assistant Professor of Publishing and Digital Humanities

503-725-3553  |

How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

I care about helping people figure out how to get their needs met. I've been good at helping family members with mental illness figure out next steps in their care and independence. I have a lot of positive energy.

My door is open! I became a teacher because I love working with learners in all capacities – about school work and helping them through life transitions.

Personal Interests

I love to hike, ski, bike, and kayak alone or with my family. I also love to hang out with my family and watch comedies. I love to read! I've devoted my life to literature.

No photo available

Maude Hines  |  Professor

503-725-3523  |

How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

I can help with navigating the system, study skills, future planning, and listening.

Foster care experience

I have lived experience in foster care.

Personal Interests

Hiking, gardening, reading

Social Work

Marina Barcelo

Marina Barcelo  |  Retention and Inclusion Specialist

503-725-5021  |

Students can call me...

My pronouns are she/her.

How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

I am happy to provide academic and emotional support, as well as mentorship and connection to campus and community resources!

Personal Interests

I love to spend time with my friends and family, lift weights, watch movies, be outdoors, and be an active participant in my communities.

Jared Best

Jared Best  |  Instructor / Ph.D. Student

Miranda Cunningham

Miranda Cunningham  |  Professor

503-725-5055  |

Students can call me...


How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

As a first-generation college student from a working-class background, I have some insights into what it's like to navigate higher education when other people in your family haven't been to college.

Foster care experience

Many people I love have lived experience in foster care, so I can offer students a listening ear as a person who's had honest conversations with others about what it's like to be in care.

Personal Interests

I'm actually pretty interested in my work: teaching and research with fellow first-generation college students. For fun I like to read, write, garden, run, hike, and hang out with friends and family.

I'm a new grandmother and like to tell stories about my grandchildren. (Ask me!)

Jess Jamieson

Jess C. Jamieson  |  Professor

425-232-8819  |

No photo available

Rebecca A. Miller  |  Lead Foster Student Liaison/Campus Champion, FUTURES

503-725-6195  |

No photo available

Alma Trinidad  |  Professor

503-725-8510  |

Theater and Film

Mark Berrettini

Mark L. Berrettini  |  Director, School of Theater + Film/ Professor, Film Studies

503-725-4623  |

University Studies

Michael Mooradian Lupro

Michael Mooradian Lupro  |  Director of Sophomore Inquiry

503-725-5832  |

How I can support students with lived experience in foster care

Navigating the institution

Personal Interests

Pop Culture, Social Justice, Basketball, Yoga

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

No photo available

Lisa Weasel  |  Professor and Department Chair

503-725-3862  |

Student Services

Campus Recreation


No photo available

Operations and Student Development

503-725-4452  |

Disability Resource Center

Housing and Residence Life

Multicultural Student Center

Cynthia Gomez

Cynthia Gomez  |  Director of Cultural Centers

503-725-4474  |

Services for Students with Children

Student Activities and Leadership

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)

No photo available

Diane Smith  |  Director of Testing Services

503-725-5301  |

No photo available

Richard (Dick) Slottee  |  Director/Managing Attorney

503-725-4556  |

TRiO Program, Main Office, 503-725-4457

No photo available

Andrea Griggs  |  Coordinator of Counseling Services

503-725-5696  |

Linda Liu

Linda Liu  |  Director

503-725-3816  |

No photo available

Charissa Ringo  |  Office Manager, Diversity and Multicultural Student Services

503-725-5698  |

No photo available

Rosalyn Taylor  |  Coordinator of Instruction

503-725-3817  |