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Focal Point 2012

Summer 2012 Focal Point cover

"Healthy Body – Healthy Mind"
(2012), 26(1)

This issue of Focal Point focuses on the recognition that mental health and physical health should not be considered separately. It addresses how the mind and body impact each other, and how we can strive to achieve balance within ourselves.

Articles from this issue:


Introduction: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
L. Kris Gowen

The editor of Focal Point explains the interconnectedness of mental and physical health and describes how each article addresses attainment of balanced, holistic health.

Yoga for Youth in Trauma Recovery
Casadi Marino

This article gives us a look into how yoga can be beneficial to those who have experienced trauma by regulating the emotions and helping one feel more comfortable in his or her body.

Ezoria's Story
Ezoria Aisuan

This transformative story recounts a young woman’s descent into depression and self-harm, her struggles with institutionalized therapy, and the mentor that helped with her recovery.

Mindfulness as Self-care Strategy
for Emerging Adults

Robert W. Roeser

In this article, certain aspects of contemplative science and education are highlighted in the context of practicing mindfulness – or “living in the moment” – to manage the stress involved with transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.

How Diet and Nutrition Affect Mental Health
Celeste Moser

This article takes a look at how diet can affect our physical and mental health, what foods we should avoid, and what foods we should consume to promote better holistic health.

Defining Food and Coping With Depression
Danielle N. Walsh

This article takes a look at how diet can affect our physical and mental health, what foods we should avoid, and what foods we should consume to promote better holistic health.

Schizophrenia, Antipsychotic Drugs, and
Drug-Induced Weight Gain and Obesity

Victor Vieweg & Mehrul Hasnain

This article addresses weight gain and related side effects that may occur while taking medications to manage schizophrenia, as well as the trade-offs of taking some medications as opposed to others.

Addressing the Physical Health
Challenges Impacting Young Individuals
with Major Mental Illness

Ryan Melton & "Chris"

This article provides insight into one young adult’s struggle with weight gain caused by taking anti-psychotic medications.

e* corbin

This article gives us a glimpse into the mindset of a gender non-conforming young adult, showing us through a first-person narrative the struggles of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.

Data Trends: Exercise to Treat Depression:
How Much is Enough?

L. Kris Gowen

This article reports on a study that investigated whether exercise can be considered a viable treatment for depression, and just how much exercise is needed for it to work.

Massage Therapy Intervention for Stress,
Anxiety and Aggression on an Acute
Psychiatric Inpatient Unit

Belinda Garner, Lisa Phillips, & Patrick D. McGorry

This article examines the effectiveness of relaxation massage therapy as a preventative treatment for stress, anxiety and aggression in young adult psychiatric inpatients.