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Recent Publications

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Tip Booklet: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? PDF

Journal Article: The Meaning of Respect in Romantic Relationships Among Low-Income African American Adolescents Abstract

Research Review: Focal Point 2014: Co-Occurring Disorders PDF

Staff List


bullet Janet Walker (Director)
bullet L. Kris Gowen (Dissemination Manager)
bullet Donna Fleming
(Center Coordinator)
bullet Nicole Aue
(Publications and Multimedia Manager)
bullet Emily Taylor (Center Support)
bullet Halley Doherty-Gary (Student Support)


The Career Visions Project - My Career Vision: Enhancing Career Development Engagement and Self-Determination for Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions
Jo-Ann Sowers: Principal Investigator.
Adrienne Scavera: Graduate Research Assistant.

Better Futures - Increasing Postsecondary Preparation and Engagement of Youth with Serious Mental Health Conditions in Foster Care
Sarah Geenan: Co-Principal Investigator.
Laurie Powers: Co-Principal Investigator.
Pauline Jivanjee: Project Advisor.
Lee Ann Phillips: Project Manager.
Nick Winges-Yanez: Graduate Research Assistant.

Achieve My Plan (AMP): A Randomized Field-Test of Youth Engagement in Mental Health Treatment Planning
Janet Walker: Co-Principal Investigator.
Laurie Powers: Co-Principal Investigator.
Celeste Moser: Project Coordinator.
Celina Ataras : Research Assistant.
Jared Best: Graduate Research Assistant.
Heather Rowlett: AMP Coach.

Transition Policy Consortium
Nancy Koroloff: Co-Principal Investigator.
Janet Walker: Co-Principal Investigator.

Finding Our Way: Improving Transition Supports for Native American/Alaskan Native Youth
Barbara Friesen: Co-Principal Investigator.
Terry Cross: Co-Principal Investigator.
L. Kris Gowen: Researcher.
Pauline Jivanjee: Researcher.
Abby Bandurraga: Graduate Research Assistant.

eHealth Literacy - eHealth Literacy in Transition-Aged Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions
L. Kris Gowen: Principal Investigator.

Predictors of Positive Recovery Outcomes for Transition Aged Youth
Eileen Brennan: Principal Investigator.

Stigmatization - Mediators of Stigmatization toward Youth with Severe Depression and ADHD
Janet Walker: Principal Investigator.


The Pathways Transition Training Collaborative (PTTC) - Community of Practice Training
Eileen Brennan: Co-Principal Investigator.
Pauline Jivanjee: Co-Principal Investigator.
Claudia Sellmaier: Graduate Research Assistant.
Goutam Saha: Coordinator of Multimedia Services.