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Recent Publications

Case Study: Implementing the Peer Support Specialist Role: Peer Support in a Youth-led Drop-in Center PDF

Case Study: Implementing the Peer Support Specialist Role: Providing Direct, Individualized Support in a Local Program PDF

Case Study: Implementing the Peer Support Specialist Role: Youth Peer Support in Wraparound PDF

New Guide: "I Bloomed Here": A Guide for Conducting Photovoice with Youth Receiving Culturally- and Community-based Services PDF

New Tip Sheet: "During Meetings I Can't Stand it When..." A Guide for Facilitators and Team Members PDF

New Tip Sheet: Tips for Your Team Meetings: A Guide for Youth PDF

New Guide: Youth Advocate to Advocate for Youth: The Next Transition PDF

Staff List

Ataras, Celina;

Aue, Nicole 503-725-8956;

Bandurraga, Abby 503-725-9616;

Best, Jared;

Brennan, Eileen 503-725-8592;

Croskey, Adrienne;

Doherty-Gary, Halley;

Figueroa, Heather 503-725-9679;

Fleming, Donna 503-725-8313;

Friesen, Barbara 503-725-4166;

Geenen, Sarah 503-725-9604;

Gowen, L. Kris;

Jivanjee, Pauline 503-725-5197;

Koroloff, Nancy 503-725-9675;

Moser, Celeste 503-725-8465;

Phillips, Lee Ann 503-725-9645;

Powers, Laurie E. 503-725-9605;

Rowlett, Heather 503-725-5476;

Saha, Goutam;

Scavera, Adrienne;

Sellmaier, Claudia 503-725-9627;

Sowers, Jo-Ann 503-725-8128;

Vanover, Tyson 503-725-5195;

Walker, Janet 503-725-8236;

Winges-Yanez, Nick;