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Current What can adults do to help youth become self advocates/stand up for themselves?
136 What resources have been the best in supporting your mental health?
135 What can you learn from having a mental health condition?
134 If you could give advice to providers about working with youth/young adults, what would it be?
133 What do you think is the best way to prevent youth from engaging in risky online behaviors?
132 What do you think is the most important topic to teach in sex education class?
131 Would you like it if your medical records were available online?
130 What advice can you give to family members who are trying to support young adults with mental health challenges?
129 What is the best way to prevent suicide in teens and young adults?
128 Who do you think is better able to help someone with mental health challenges – a peer support specialist with more direct experience or a mental health professional with more education and training?
127 How has your mental health impacted your career/employment? 
126 What mind-body strategies do you use to support your mental well-being?
125 What has been your experience when sharing your mental health challenges with others?
124 What's the best way adults can support young people with mental health challenges so they can graduate?
123 How can social networks be used to improve the mental health of young people?
122 What are some ways to maintain a good relationship with your mental health professional?
121 What are your hopes for the New Year?
120 What do you think are the pros and cons of using medications to manage mental health?
119 When do you think young people should be able to make their own decisions about the kinds of health treatments (mental, physical, sexual) they want, without parental consent?
118 What can you do to prevent bullying?
117 What do you do to stay positive when things get tough?
116 How should medications be used to help manage mental health?
115 Do you think it's a good idea for schools to offer a modified diploma option for students?
114 What do you think are the best ways to support young parents—both mothers and fathers?
113 Would you rather have no job, or a job that you do not like?
112 Do you think online videos can encourage unhealthy behavior in young people?
111 What can be done to increase the number of youth who receive services?
110 What does it mean to be connected to your community?
109 How does the media influence our perceptions of persons with mental health conditions?
108 Is online counseling a good idea?
107 What is the best advice to give someone just starting college?
106 What has been the most difficult thing you have experienced as you transition to adulthood?
105 Do you think being in a romantic relationship encourages or discourages substance use?
104 Do you think mental illness can be prevented?
103 Who is the most supportive person in your life?
102 What does being an "adult" mean to you?
101 What piece of advice would you give to a young adult who is about to navigate the mental health system for the first time?
100: Do young people today have more mental health issues than they did during the Great Depression?
66: Mental Health Youth Bill of Rights: THE TIME FOR YOUTH VOICE IS NOW!